Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Human psyche is well equipped to encounter the worst of catastrophes and emerge unscathed or battle scarred, yet triumphant in them. Thrown into a perilous situation suddenly, brings to the surface the most strong points in an individual thus enabling him or her to overcome the adversity with guts and gusto. However apprehension or fear of future trouble gives collywobbles to even the brave heartened.

Having been through a tragedy or trouble one pulls one-self together and focuses one's attention on improving things। However with continuous fear gnawing at ones heart one has no time, no motivation to think positively. All one thinks of is how to fortress oneself from the future danger or problem or trouble. One might try all one can to disengage one's mind from the subject, yet in such situations uncertainty and fear loom to large that one's thoughts time and again tend to drift back to the problem.

In fact psychology experts believe that continuous and sever apprehension can completely destroy one's peace of mind। It is in fact the uncertainty that proves to be biggest threat and it could rob one not just of one's mental peace but also one's physical health. The apprehension may be related to losing one's job, one's performance in some examination, decision in a court case or market trends if you deal in shares. Or making life hell for you could be a staunch enemy or a business adversary, who is keeping you on the tenterhooks as to what his next move would be. Whatever be the situation, and even psychologist would concur with this, the best thing would be to prepare oneself the best one could and the wait patiently for the decisive moment.

But remember it's war - with Fate, adverse circumstances or a foe - and the Indian science of Sadhanas exhorts that one should be best equipped to meet the challenges of life। And when it is war time, just being defensive is not enough, one has to be fiercely offensive leaving nothing to chance. Also one need not engage in days & weeks of planning and worrying. Instead one should analyze the situation with a rational approach and then focusing all one's energy and will power wait for the right moment.

A lion does not plan or scheme when it hunts। The instant it sights its prey it launches into the attach। A similar approach to the problems of life makes a human Narsigh i.e. lion among men. The demon Hiranyakashyap seemed virtually invincible having won through Tapa the boon that he would die neither in the day or nor at night, neither at the hands of a human nor a beat, neither on earth neither in sky. Even gods were at there wits and how to destroy him. However when the right moment came, Lord Narayan lost no time in assuming a form that was half human and half lion and disembowelling the demon at dusk, having placed him on his lap.

All had apprehended the worst, yet at one stroke the Lord freed the world of the cruel demon's tyranny। this avatar of His is know as Narsingh, a divine being capable of performing even the most impossible, and banishing the worst of fears and apprehensions. Today it's common for an ordinary man to find himself in such situations from which there seems no respite. He goes on living but he is as good as dead, for constant fear of the unknown keeps giving him sleepless nights. It is also not uncommon for hidden enemies to hatch plots that could destroy one's family life or business or entrap one in a court case, false criminal charges or unnecessary quarrel.

The best antidote to all such situations is the Narsingh Sadhana that helps build up undauntiable confidence and unshakeable willpower। It in fact prepares him for successfully combating worst of apprehensions or problems of the future. It is with Gurudev's blessings that such a powerful and rare sadhana appears here for the Sadhaks to benefit from. Over the years I have seen hundred of individuals, left completely hopeless, distraught and broken by the onslaught of adversities, miraculously, rediscover their lost will power and emerge triumphant in virtual battles of life and death.

As Revered Gurudev had often elucidated - Narsingh Sadhana turns a human into a lion who lolls peacefully when all is calm around yet the moment he senses trouble with an ear shattering roar he is upon the enemy whether it is a problem, or a foe or an adverse situation.
This amazing sadhana must be tried on Chaturdasi or 14th day of the bright/dark lunar month. After 10 PM sit on a red mat facing West. In a steel plate place a Narsingh Yantra (Nrusinha Yantra) and offer it on rice gains and vermilion. Light a lamp filled with mustard oil. If you face a particular problem then write it down on a piece of paper and place it under the Yantra. Next with Narsingh rosary chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra.

Om Nrim Narsinghaay Shatru Bhuj Bal Veedrnaay Namaha

ॐ र्नुं नरसिम्हाय शत्रु भुज बल विदीर्नाय नमः

Don't whisper the Mantra, speak it out as powerfully as if it were a lion roaring. A surge of energy through the body is a pure sign of success, so don't be panic if you feel extra heat in your body. Next day tie the paper, Yantra and rosary in a red cloth and throw the bundle in river or pond.
( Article from Jan 2006 Mantra-Tantra-Yantra Magazine )