Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wishes sure fulfilled

Every person in the world does work but very few know how to work so that the desired result would sure accrue. Life can be successful only when wishes are fulfilled. Presented here is an article that looks into human life from a different angle.

Till a person is living he cannot avoid work. He has to be constantly engaged in action. But it is important that the desired results are obtained and one's wishes are fulfilled through one's actions. Only the can life be joyous. But how is this possible? For this one has to look into the motive and inspiration behind one's actions.

A person who depends totally on fate can be called a fool. Fortune favors the brave, i.e those who are committed to their work. Lord has not created humans to sit idle, leaving everything to fate. He has been given a mind and a brain using which he can engage himself in fruitful work.

Only a person who is active can turn the tables on bad luck. A persevering individual can even changes his fate and can make maximum of the opportunities provided to him by nature. And it is a fact that the fruit that comes by hard labour is more sweet.

Actions can be divided into three categories. 1. Unproductive 2. Productive 3. Motivating.

1. Unproductive action.

There is no action that does not bear fruit. But in daily life most of our actions do not bring about positive and lasting results. Also engaging oneself in such tasks does not fulfill any particular aim. Such actions like watching TV, going to parties, gossiping on the phone may give some momentary thrill but they do not bring any revolution in our life. And we would have to admit that most of our actions are without any particular goal or aim. In fact most of our actions are without any particular goal or aim. In fact most of our actions are just to kill time or find means to be free of boredom.

2. Productive action

An action that is done with a particular aim in mind and in a very planned manner with great care in order to fulfil some wish is known as productive work. All our daily chores, be they at home or at office or in the society come under this category.

Such action always bears fruit and one can give a particular direction to life through such action. Such action brings in inner satisfaction that one is doing something creative.

Through such action the wishes and desires can be fulfilled. But when such work becomes routine and boring one longs for a change. And to bring about a change man starts to struggle and gets engaged in action that is futile.

Work done without inspiration is merely drudgery. It tires one physically and brings pain and through such action all one's aims need not be fulfilled. A labourer always complains that he does not get returns according to his efforts. Any work done only with selfish interest ultimately becomes labour.

Individuals working selfishly want to get more results by working less and end up getting less than what they deserve.

Most of our efforts fall in this category. A child finds it hard labour to go to school, a house wife finds work at home boring and a person working at some office considers his work to be mere drudgery. Such individuals never feel satisfied with their efforts and get caught in a blind race which leads them only to tension, sorrow and worries.

3. Motivating action

Love with one's work motivates a person and increases his skill. Doing something skilfully brings sure success no matter which field one is engaged in. Liking one's work not only helps on fulfill one's aim quicker rather one feels an inner satisfaction and joy. In tasks where joy comes only after fulfillment of the aim there is less motivation and failure can lead to depression.

On the other hand if there is motivation one feels happy right from the beginning and as a result the work becomes interesting. The joy that comes by just doing this sort of work is not conditional upon fulfillment of some aim. This very fact has been revealed in a verse in Gita - Karmanneyvaadhikaaraste Maa Phaleshu Kadachan ...

This verse states that one should work with motivation and use one's mind and brain in the process gains are sure to accrue and one must not wait about success or failure.

Selfishness makes work dull and boring. On the other hand work done with a feeling of selflessness brings motivation and enthusiasm to succeed at all costs. Selfishness can be banished only through love. When there is love in the heart one is ready to give up one's selfish interests in order to make others happy.

When an action is done with a great goal in mind one becomes egoless. Great goals, sacred aims, love and devotion bring motivation and dedication in work. A work that is infused with the element of love is known as selfless service.

Every action has a reaction. If one is disillusioned in the very beginning or there is no motivation there can not be desired results. And when the wishes are not fulfilled one is filled with frustration. As a result person starts to adopt wrong means for the fulfillment of his aim.

Action that are wrong with lies, deceit, jealousy cannot bring satisfaction. This is the reason why those who appear to be materially well off so weak spiritually. All the time they are filled with unknown fear and uncertainty.

Every one of us works but very few can be called successful in life. Generally we forget that the chief element in some action is the mind. The body merely an instrument, a tool. If the mind is not here concentrating in the work then the action becomes futile.

The mind should be where the action is and then just look at the result. The action shall be better and one shall have the taste of highest level of success. such work makes a person successful both materially as well spiritually.

The entire universe is nothing but a process of giving. And love means nothing, but sharing joy with others. This is true worship.

The sun selflessly gives us light and heat. The ocean selflessly turns itself into vapours and gives us clouds that bring rains and make the whole earth green and pleasant. Thus the nature is nothing but a process of selfless giving. Where there is selflessness the desired result is soon obtained without much delay.

- Revered Sadgurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali