Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Eight Divine Powers

A person who succeeds in identifying his physical form with that of the Lord gains Anima Siddhi. All matter in this universe is made of atoms. The soul within the human body is made of very highly vibrating energy and hence it remains invisible. It is only through insight that the soul can be identified. And the Supreme too is nothing but this energy. Hence when the mind concentrates on the Supreme a person gains Anima Siddhi or the power to make one's body smaller than an atom.

When a person is able to concentrate all his thoughts on the Supreme he gains this power through which the physical body can be made huge as a mountain. For gaining this power one must contemplate on the form of the Lord that is made of the five elements.Thoughts are said to be the first manifestation even before matter existed. Vedas call thoughts Hiranyagarbh and the Purans call them Brahm. Concentrating the thoughts helps one gain the power of Mahima. In the battle of Kurukshetra Lord Krishan had manifested his Viraat or universe form before Arjun and he had used this very power in the process.

In it too one contemplate on the five elements that constitute all matter. Through this power a Yogi can assume any form. The gods and goddesses of the Hindus are said to possess such powers. In our country even rivers, mountains and places are worshiped  as deities. Thus the Himalayas, the rivers like Ganga and Yamuna are all deities who have assumed such forms due to all deities who have assumed such forms due their divine powers. They can any time manifest in human or their divine forms. On gaining this power an individual can assume any form. He can become omnipresent like the air, he can be at any place in a trice and he can even become invisible. Or if he so wishes he can assume a number of forms at the same time. Lord Krishna use this very power when he danced in a different form with every Gopi(maiden).

This power is related to the senses. The ancient texts have focused a lot on the Sadhanas through which this power can be gained. When all the senses are concentrated and their energy is directed towards the Supreme then one gains this power. Through this accomplishment a person can transport any object placed anywhere in the universe to where he wants to be. This power is different from Pret Sadhana in which a spirit's help is sought for this purpose and Surya Siddhant in which one object can be transported into another using the rays of the sun. In the year 1987, Poojyapaad Sadgurudev Dr. Naryan Dutt Shrimali had left those present amazed when he produced out of thin air the dairy of a visiting disciple which he had mistakenly left behind home in London. When a Yogi uses this power he does it through his astral body which can travel millions of miles in less than a second while the physical body stays put and he can thus transfer objects from one place to another. In other words through his power even impossible looking tasks can be easily accomplished.

Through this power one can view any world and plane of existence when one so wishes. To gain this power all one's thoughts are to be concentrated. And when this happens then one can be easily have glimpse of the Supreme.Swami Vivekananda noticed that his Guru Ramakrishna Paramhans had such power. Even a new Sadhak can have the experience of visualising the forms of deities in a state of deep trance. When one enters into meditation all gods, goddesses and etheral being like Yakshas, Kinnars and Gandharvas start to manifest. One can then see them and one can even see great Yogis who live on a different plane. This in fact is the way of having a glimpse of  of the Supreme and all deities.

Through this power one can control the Maya energy. One then gains the power to create and destroy at will. One has to contemplate on the form of Lord Vishnu in order to gain any form. A Yogi with this power can gain any form. In the form of a god he can visit heaven or in the form of a Yaksha he can travel to any place in the universe or in the form of a human he can live on earth.

When one gains this power one becomes free of infatuation and one rather starts to love all creatures due to which all become captivated by one's presence. For this one has to enter into a trance and meditate on the form of Lord Narayan. In the state of trance the person is raised to the highest level of consciousness. In such a state not just the living creatures rather even the non living world comes under one's control. Even a lion turns into a tame cat in the presence of such a Yogi. If the person so wills he can even move a mountain through his thoughts. By just looking at objects a Yogi can move inanimate objects. Many aghoris have such power with the help of which they can rule over the nature. They can even change seasons, for at their command the clouds start to rain.

One has to worship the formless Brahm for gaining this power. Through it all one's wishes are fulfilled and no wish is then left. Then one attains moksha or freedom fro the continuous cycle of birth and death. Till there are unfulfilled wishes a person has to keep taking birth. But as soon as all wishes are fulfilled the cycle of birth and death stops and one becomes free.

-Aug 2004, Mantra-Tantra Yantra Vigyan

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Palmistry - Read your future - II

Criss Cross Lines

  1. On the mount of Jupiter they indicate that the person is cruel, selfish and arrogant.
  2. On the mount of Saturn they signify that the person is lazy and miser. He faces loss of respect in society.
  3. On the mount of Sun they indicate loss of respect and criticism in the society.
  4. On the mount of Mercury it indicates that the person does wrong and then repents. He has to face lots of problems.
  5. On the mount of Uranus they indicate that the person commits murder. He has to go to jail.
  6. On the mount of Moon they indicate an unstable nature and strange personality.
  7. On the mount of Ketu they signify ailments all the life.
  8. On the mount of Venus they indicate that the person indulges too much in pleasure and is very cunning. He has no place in the society.
  9. On the mount of Mars the indication is that the person remains mentally disturbed throughout life.
  10. On the mount of Rahu they tell that a person is followed by misfortune all his life.
  11. Criss Crossed lines on the wrist indicate a great downfall.
  12. In any place on the palm criss crossed lines do not indicate good luck.


If studied carefully one can find a star on the palm. In different places it has different indications.
  1. On the mount of Saturn the star indicates success in life. The person has wealth,  respect, position, fame and prosperity in life. He ever keeps making progress in life and  gains a high position in the society.
  2. On the mount of Saturn the star indicates success at an early stage. He makes quick progress towards his goal and gains fame and respect in the society.
  3. On the mount of Sun a star indicates gain of wealth throughout life. There remains no paucity in his life materially. He remains physically and mentally fit.
  4. On the mount of Mercury a star indicates that one can be successful businessman with great plans. One can also be a successful poet or writer.
  5. A star on the mount of Ketu signifies that one's childhood is spent in comforts and there remains no paucity in life.
  6. On the mount of Venus it indicates that the person indulges too much in pleasures. One has extra marital affairs and the spouse is beautiful and healthy.
  7. On the mount of Mars it indicates a patient and courageous person. He displays valour in war and earns laurels for his country.
  8. On the mount of Rahu it signifies that the person is very lucky and he gains fame and respect in life.
  9. On the lines of travel a star indicates death far from home in a place of pilgrimage.
  10. If a star is there on the line of Moon the person suffers from stomach trouble and always remains ill.
  11. On the line of Mars a star indicates that the person shall be murdered.
  12. On the line of marriage a star signifies delays and obstacles in marriage and unhappiness in family life.
  13. If the star is on the line of health the person suffers from bad health all his life and he dies in a very bad state.
  14. On the line of Sun a star indicates that the person shall succeed  highly in business and shall have sudden monetary gains.
  15. On the line of heart a star indicates heart related problems.
  16. On the line of head a star indicates problems of nerves.
  17. On the line of life a star indicates sudden death in youth.
  18. On the thumb a star indicates that the person is hard working, successful and patient.
  19. On the forefinger it indicates good luck.
  20. On the middle and other fingers a star boosts the results of the related planetary mounts.
One should look carefully for the above mentioned signs in the hand before making predictions.

-April 2004, Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan