Sunday, December 19, 2010

Narayan Kalp Sadhana

In the modern age there is not a single person who is not afflicted by one physical problem or the other. Today eating habits, living conditions are not proper and hence even the children are not spared from being afflicted by ailments. Event doctors fail in many cases to correctly diagnose and cure many problems. In such very cases the following Sadhana proves miraculously efficacious.

The focus of the universe is man. We cannot deny that man is most evolved among all creatures. Science and spiritualism are both directed at making more happy, comfortable and joyous. Although science has made great progress and it tries its best to make life as easy as possible, although it has provided man with amazing contraptions that are meant to ease up things in daily life, but can we say that man is really happy today? Is he perfectly healthy and really joyous? Has science been able to cure all diseases and bestow perfect health to human beings? Has it been able to free man of pain and problems of life? Has it been able to find solutions to his tensions and worries?

The answer to all this is - No !

Science cannot bring true joy. It cannot bring about complete physical transformation and make one perfectly healthy. This is possible only through spiritualism. And through years of strict Tapa the great the great Rishis and Yogis devised amazing Sadhanas through which all ailments could be banished for ever. But the unfortunate thing is that although we are able to obtain these Sadhanas easily, we do not realize their power and value.

There is not one single problem in human life. There could be more than one disease, more than one problem. In family life there are constant worries and tensions and obstacles. These hinder one's progress and due to them human life seems useless.

Till a person is not disease free and tension free he cannot be perfectly healthy. Disease does not mean only a cold or cancer or fever. Even tensions and worries are no less than ailments. Till a person is not fully robust he cannot succeed in life and attain to totality.

According to astrology there are a few planets which are very malefic and due to their evil influence one becomes seriously ill. Then a person could try his best and get the best medical help, he cannot become healthy again.

Hi might spend lakhs of Rupees he cannot buy back his lost health. In such cases all systems of medicine like Homeopathy, Allopathy and even Ayurved fail. Then one only prays for death, for the pain and sufferings becomes intolerable. The fear of death looms large over one's life due to which one is forced to lead a sad existence. And this fear forces one towards untimely death.

If a person could just find some time from his busy life and chant some powerful Mantra then due to the energy thus generated he could become healthy and disease free and leaf a happy life. But today one is always caught in the blind race of materialism and due to tensions of life one always feels unhealthy. The constant worries make a person diseased.

Today science has the cure for most of the ailments but not all. Before many diseases it has to accept defeat. It is where science fails that spiritualism comes into play. Spiritual knowledge is the basic knowledge that could make life more comfortable and happy. Spiritual knowledge means being linked to the Divine through the means of Mantras. And through Mantras anything is possible.

The physical weakness and physical deformity can destroy one's personality. Every person in this world needs divine energy in order to make his personality more attractive, more magnetic and more healthy.

Man feels very much disturbed on observing wrinkles on his face, dark circles under his eyes and his greying hair. Today everyone feelds he or she is aging prematurely. There are three phases of human life - childhood, youth and old age.

Every person has to go through these three stages. But when one sees signs of aging and growing old one panics and one starts to feel that death is near.

Is it possible to transform old age into radiant youth? Is it not possible to regain lost health? Is it not possible to be totally free of fear of death? These questions are bound to arise in the minds of all.

Everyone wishes to remain youthful forever. Everyone wishes to have the taste of true joy. Because if there is no joy, youthfulness and enthusiasm in life then it would be dull and boring.

The great Rishi and Ayurved expert, Dhanavantari, once said - One can transform old age into youth. One can make the body look youthful again through Kaya Kalp (phycial alchemy).  Through Narayan Kalp every person can become youthful and attain success in regaining lost health. This is truly the most wonderful Sadhana.

Narayan Kalp Sadhana is a process through which the old, disease ridden physique can be transformed into beautiful, attractive and youthful one. Through Mantra chanting a wonderful transformation could be brought about.

But one needs patience and devotion to make this happen. One needs full faith towards the Mantra and its powers. One needs to have a firm belief that it will work.

Through Mantra chanting in Narayan Kalp a divine resonance is produced which instils into the heart, soul and physique a rejuvenating energy.

This Mantra chanting helps form a link to the deity of the Sadhana through whose powers the person becomes disease free and his physique gets totally transformed. He becomes perfectly healthy and youthful again.

Doubts, sorrows, pain, tensions, obstacles and fears in life are the root cause of all ailments. Due to these negative forces a person starts to look old and unhealthy. Till the disease is not uprooted the person cannot become healthy. But one can become totally disease free, fearless and healthy only through Mantra chanting.

Mantra and the Sadhanas have great power. And this power has a definite effect on the heart and mind of the ailing person. Due to this the ailing individual feels charged with energy and after some time he starts to look really healthy, handsome and youthful.

It is when a person becomes totally frustrated and hopeless that he seeks the help of the Lord. He prays to the Supreme to make his life happy and comfortable. But there is always a doubt in the mind whether or not the Lord shall listen.

But this is perfectly true if a Sadhana or worship is accomplished according to the given instructions then it surely bears fruit. One very powerful Sadhana is Narayan Kalp through which the wish of getting healthy and disease free is surely fulfilled.

And once this happens the Sadhak becomes really handsome and youthful. He looks more happy and joyous than others. He becomes a completely transformed man physically.

For Sadhana one needs Narayan Yantra, Narayan Chakra & Yellow Hakeek rosary.

One can try this Sadhana on a Tuesday or on any auspicious day in morning or at night. A day before get two leaves from the Ashok tree. Wash them and place them in a sacred place. On the designated day have a bath and wear yellow clothes.

Sit on a yellow mat. Cover a wooden seat with a yellow cloth. With vermilion write Om on it. Over it place a Narayan Yantra. On the leaves draw a Swastik each, with a paste of turmeric powder.

Place the two leaves over the Yantra. Over them place Narayan Chakra. Offer yellow flowers and rice grains dyed yellow on the Yantra.

Then chant the following Mantra meditating on the form of Lord Narayana.

Udhyat Pradhyotan Shat Ruchim Tapt Hemaavadaabham,
Paarshva Dwandwajaladhi Sutayaa Vishva Dhaatryaa Cha Justham

Naanaa Tatnollasit Vividhaakalpamaa-peet Vastram
Vishnum Vande Dar Kamal-Koumadiki Chakra Paannim.

Thus chanting the above verse speak out your wish to Lord Narayan. Then with a yello Hakeek rosary chant 5 rounds of this Mantra.

Om Nam Nrinaay Kaayaakalp Poornnatva Soundarya Praaptaye Phat

Repeat this Sadhana for four cosecutive Tuesdays with the same articles but different leaves. After Sadhana tie the articles in a yellow cloth and drop the bundle in a river or pond.

-Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan