Friday, July 06, 2007

Paarad Laxmi

Importance of wealth is no less today rather it has become the most emphasized commodity what with the material desires becoming virtually unlimited. In ancient times prosperity might well have meant having to eat, a large house to live in and a good source of income, but in modern times the meaning of comfort and prosperity is much more diverse and it depends on how much one can spend. If you have enough then there is no end to what all luxuries you can buy.

Being rich is not a taboo but it does matter how you earn money. Illegal or immoral means, however discreet, may well fill your coffers but such stained money shall prey on your conscience, mental peace, social respect and standing. No doubt a human is easily lured towards such avenues for they seem to promise a lot without much efforts; however only a person who has such wealth can tell you what sort of hell he has to go through, for every moment there seems to be a fear of exposure lurking around.

So such means are out! Yet there are also hardworking, sincere and honest people who are never able to make it big in spite of there best of efforts. After years of labor in a job or perseverance in trade, financial success looks like a distant dream. The frustration and sense of hopelessness that then sets in tends to make one an easy prey to the lure of corruption.

If you find yourself in such a situation, if mounting debts are giving you sleepless nights, if your business is in doldrums, if money is the cause of your anxiety then this is the respite you have been waiting for. The following Paarad Laxmi Sadhana is the most explosive, quick acting ritual for windfall gains. A sage writes in an ancient text If an idol of Laxmi made of consecrated, solidified mercury alloyed with gold is established in the SE direction, i.e. facing N. west and worshipped daily wealth starts to make inroads into one’s life from various sources.

This form if the deity is called Paaradeshwari and she is the most benevolent among all 108 forms of the Goddess when it comes to showering wealth upon a Sadhak. In fact like Kalpavriksha (wish tree) she fulfils all the material wishes of a sadhak. Following boons sure accrue –

1. Financial crisis is overcome and sudden gains are made.
2. All problems in business or job are cleared. Promotion/pay raise in job and unexpected profits in trade can be expected.
3. New sources of earning spring up.
4. Power, respect and fame in life.
5. A happy married life with all comforts.
6. Spiritual success.

For the ritual get up in the morning on a Wednesday or Friday, take a bath and wear fresh clothes. Sit facing East on a white woolen mat. Light incense and a lamp. The idol of the Goddess (Paarad Laxmi) must be established as prescribed manner. Next pick up Sfatik Rosary and chant five rounds of the following mantra.

Om Ayeim Varad Paaradeshwari Mahaalakshmyei Namah

ॐ ऍ वरद पारदेश्वरी महालक्ष्म्यै नमः

Do this regularly for 11 days. The ritual is free of any complex steps, for the mantra and the deity are powerful enough to bring about the desired results. A text in fact states that just having a Paaradeshwari Laxmi and a Paarad Shivaling in one’s home means lifelong prosperity and affluence. If possible continue chanting the Mantra just five times daily. After Sadhana permanently establish idol in a sacred place or at your business center. Guru Diksha is necessary for doing this Sadhana.