Thursday, June 27, 2013

Escape from Death

How could I forget those days? Each moment I would be in the grip of a strange,gut-wrenching fear! And what more for no reason at all. There was just a strange, unexplainable apprehension that something evil was about to happen.I was even then a very successful businessman money,property,a happy family life- I had everything one could ask for. But for past one month I was steadily losing my confidence for no apparent reason and every moment I felt as if some accident was about to occur and that I was about to die.

Early from my childhood I had been initiated into worship of Lord Shiva and constantly chanting the mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAYA did calm my mind a bit. But I felt that I needed to do something more.I consulted many priests and had worships performed as suggested by them but with no great relief.

About two torturous months later I was traveling by air from Bombay to Delhi. My fear become all the more strong during this time.As I took my seat I found a middle aged gentleman seated by my side.He was dressed in the traditional white Dhoti Kurta. There was something about his face that kept drawing my attention.

At last I asked him who he was.As he gave his introduction I realized that I was before one of the greatest astrologers of recent times - Dr.Narayan Dutt Shrimali. Then of course I knew him in only this capacity.We got talking and about half an hour later I realized that the fear that had beset my mind for the past two months had somehow abated.As strange calm had overcome me.

I do not know what came over me,but the relief was so immense that I started weeping,right there in the airplane. Dr. Shrimali kindly asked me what it was and I let him know everything immediately opened his briefcase and took out a writing pad.He started writing on it and for the next few minutes remained busy with it.

Then he tore out the page and handed it over to me. He said "Dont ask me how but I know that you are an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva .Just try this Sadhana and all shall soon be fine".He also handed me a Yantra and a rosary.

Once in Delhi the first thing I did was try the sadhana he had suggested,for I felt a strange surge of faith within.A month later I had a terrible accident when I was travelling in my car from Delhi to Agra. A truck rammed into my car.The car was crushed and very miraculously I was thrown out of it and escaped unhurt. This was the danger i had been apprehending all along and Dr. Shrimali saved me from it suggesting the sadhana. Later of course I met him and came to know of his great work as a Guru to millions of Disciples.He also told me that the first time we had met he had known that an accident was about to occur and that was why he had suggested that Sadhana to me. I took Diksha from him and have since been his ardent devotee. Anyone who suffers from the fear of accidents,enemies, untimely death can try this Sadhana with amazing results.

[Reference: MTYV Magazine]