Sunday, May 02, 2010

Shakti : Divine Energy

Only after comprehending the secret of divine energy, Shakti, can one gain this power. Without Divine Energy or power life is useless. Only when the divine energy present within awakened a human becomes a superhuman.

The very basis of life is energy and without energy life becomes stagnant. Both the living and non living are forms of energy but at different levels of vibrance.

Material and spiritual lives are not different rather they are part of a total and complete existence. Just as energy is infinite in the universe, similarly its forms too are infinite. Even though most of us are oblivious of the importance of energy in life we do worship energy in the form of Shakti or the Supreme Goddess. Without energy no task can be accomplished. The chief aim of every person's life is to become powerful and this goal of reaching the top can be accomplished only through energy.

The modern material science also considers material energy to be the basis of activities of the world. Energy takes various forms in the world and thus gives rise to very amazing world. Even the naturalists have faith in this theory. Einstein even devised formula E=mc2 according to which energy possessed is equal to the product of mass of the body and the square of the velocity of light. Thus more the speed of an object or more the rate of vibration more shall be its energy. But this formula takes into account only physical energy and not conscious energy.

Science is yet to discover the conscious element in energy. Whether a body is in motion of static it does have energy. The energy present in the light or that in fire is not different. when a piece of wood is burnt both heat and light are produced. Similarly all the world is nothing a confluence of energy and it is the eternal game of energy that leads to birth and destruction. Energy is eternal but till it does not have the element of consciousness in it energy remains recumbent or static.

Energy - Indian outlook

According to the Indian view energy is omnipresent and knowledge, intelligence, devotion, kindness, hunger, thirst, radiance, peace are but different forms of this energy. A person who lacs active energy is called weak or powerless. The Divine basically has three forms - Brahma (creation), Vishnu (preservation) and Rudra (destruction). All three are present in every individual but when he lacks any of these he is called Shaktiheen or weak.

The aim of human life is to keep progressing onwards and to be able to so one has the constant need of energy. To procure something and to use it in one's life is possible only through the means of power of energy.

The Indian view contemplates of energy in a feminine from known as Shakti and the texts prescribe the worship of the three forms of Shakti namely Mahasaraswati, Mahalakshmi and Mahakali. The energy of Brahma which is used in creation is called Mahasaraswati. The energy of Vishnu that is used for preservation is called Mahalakshmi and the energy of Lord Rudra that is used for destruction is called Mahakali.

Jagadguru Shankaracharya has written -

Shivah Shaktyaa-yukto Yadi Bhavati Shaktah Prabhvitum.
i.e. Lord Shiva is able to carry out his task only because he is bestowed with his energy. Thus it is clear that the three forms of energy make the three Lords - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - capable.

Shakti can be called Maya (which tends to mislead) or she can be called Kundalini (the basic source of energy in every human). Basically Shakti is nature from which everything is born and into which everything shall merge. The basis of all prayers and worship too is Shakti.

Adi Shankaracharya was the worshiper of the formless. Once when he was visiting Varanasi he became plagued by dysentery and became very weak physically. The Goddess Annpoornna had pity on him and assuming the form of a village girl she sat with a heavy pot filled with curd by the road along which Shankar had to pass. When he came along she said to him - Swamiji, please help me with his heavy pot.

Shankaracharya said - I don't have the strength to pick it up for you. the Goddess said - If you had worshiped Shakti you would never have suffered thus. Without worshiping Shakti how can you be energetic?

The words seemed to shake Shankar out of stupor and later he went on to write beautiful verses and hymns relating to Goddess Shakti. This is why the spiritual seats established by Shankaracharya are called Shakti Peeths or divine energy centers. He has written beautiful verses in the hymn related to Bhagwati Dakshinnamurti. He ultimately said - Brahm is nothing but energy and Shakti is nothing but Brahm.

-Manra-Tantra-Yantra Vigyan, Aug 2000