Sunday, January 06, 2008


For the past three years I had been afflicted by a dangerous ailment. No medicine or other means seemed to work. My condition did not improve and it seemed to get worse.

People around me used to taunt me - She won't live long. If her Gurudev has the power let him save her. I used to feel really pained hearing all such words. So I would helplessly sit before a picture of Sadgurudev and cry my heart out. And whenever I did this a feeling would rise in my heart that Gurudev was going to save me.

Sometimes I would feel his subtle presence which would fill me with strength and hope. I would also hear a voice telling me to keep chanting the Guru Mantra.

Then I went to Bombay for treatment. There the doctors at Central Nayar Hospital refused to take up my case and a doctor said - Your case is hopeless and you cannot be saved.

But I had full faith in Gurudev and I requested the doctors to admit me to the hospital. After a few days the very same doctor had me admitted there and after medical checkups he said - You suffer from T.B. and your kidney too has failed. I don't know which to treat first.

Anyway the best doctors were called in and the treatment commenced. Steadily my condition started to improve.

Before this my husband had been to the Guru Poornnima Sadhana Camp at Allahabad and he had given my picture to Gurudev Kailash Chandra Shrimali and prayed for help. Gurudev had kept the picture and he had promised to save my life.

A few days later I had got a letter from Jodhpur which said - Your picture was received through your husband in Allahabad and you have been given Dhanvantri Diksha. So don't worry, for you shall soon be fine. Sadgurudev's blessings are with you.

I was much relieved on receiving this letter and I was filled with a new hope. Slowly I have been recovering and all have been left surprised by my quick recuperation, specially the people who used to taunt me. I know it is all due to the Diksha given to me by Gurudev. I feel really indebted to Him and I promise to serve Him. Please Gurudev keep showering your grace on us.

-Chironji Devi, Katara Bazaar, Bhadohi (UP).