Sunday, March 09, 2008


Diseases are always unwelcome in life, more so in childhood when the physical development is going on and might be impaired. Also at this tender age one is more prone to ailments and even a bit of carelessness could prove fatal. For the parents there could be no greater sorrow than losing a child or seeing him handicapped.

Many times children lose appetite, grow weak and dull without any apparent cause, thus leading to loss in studies. Potions and health tonics are fine for physical health, bu for cheering up the child mentally spiritual power has to be infused.

The Sabar world of Sadhanas suggest several rituals for children for preventing and curing ailments and also averting accidents. The child's father or mother could accomplish this Sadhana for the kid.

On any Sunday take a Madhuroopen Rudraksh (मधुरूपेण रूद्राक्ष) and place it over flower petals. Offer vermilion on it and then chant just 5 rounds of the following Mantra with white Hakeek rosary (सफ़ेद हकीक माला).

Om Kleem Rog Nasheshaay Kleem Phat
॥ ॐ क्लीं रोग नाशेषाय क्लीं फट ॥

After Sadhana tie the Madhuroopen Rudraksh around the neck of the ailing child and drop the rosary in a river or pond. If you have more than one child accomplish the Sadhana separately for each child using different sets of Sadhana articles.

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