Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Year Sadhana - HAPPY NEW YEAR

Hearing these words of greetings one is filled with a feeling of newness and life seems standing at another milestone, ready to fly off to a new start. The word “new” denotes change, something novel, something different and with it life braces itself for a transformation.

On the first day of the New Year everyone wishes for a good start, a good beginning so that whole year passes inconstant progress and success.

This day is one of deep contemplation. Looking back one sees the previous year filled with its sad and happy, sweet and sour memories and turning one’s eyes to the year lying ahead one beholds a fresh clean land in the horizon ready to be sown with the seeds of success.

Every person waits for 12 long months for this golden day to dawn, and the morning on which one hears the air ringing with the sweet greeting of Happy New Year, one knows that the day is here at last. Then one is filled with joy and enthusiasm to make a new start in life, to make new resolutions and embark on new start in life new projects.

Life is undoubtedly a path full of challenges, and one who faces these challenges fearlessly comes out on the top as the winner. No one is born with a winner’s streak in him. This spirit has to be developed through hard work and dedication. A mother is responsible for a child’s growth for it is she who introduces him to good or bad habits. Similarly we ourselves are responsible for the states we are in.

If we develop bad habits we are sure to suffer and life then seems miserable. But if a person is hard working, sincere and true to himself he is sure to progress in life.

The New year presents a unique opportunity to instill a novelty, a change into one’s life. The first day of New Year is in fact very auspicious and it matters a lot how you spend if. You may go to a bar or a club and spend the New Year eve dancing, drinking and merry-making. But such escapades are not at all a source of true joy, for true joy is generated from within, for true joy is attained by tasting success in life.

In fact spending these auspicious moments thus is wasting a golden opportunity to transform your life.

The early hours of New Year day presents such sacred, auspicious moments when you can develop the power to concentrate your will, which shall then help you throughout the year to face all adversities fearlessly. And the best way to develop such power is to accomplish some Sadhana.

“Nav Varsh Unnati Prayog” is one such Sadhana practice through which you can instill totality into your life. By devoting only an hour or so in the early morning of the New Year day, you can instill all the 365 days of the year with joy, enthusiasm and uniqueness, thus assuring success in all spheres of life. If you can’t do it on New Year day, you can try it on any day of Jan 2009.

Thus one can not only rise in material life but also attain spiritual accomplishments.

The special feature of this Sadhana practice is that it can be accomplished on New Year day of any calendar i.e. Christian, Vikram, Shaka or any other era. In fact for a person his birthday is also the start of a new year of his life. Hence this Sadhana can be accomplished even on one’s birthday.

The ancient sages used to spend the early hours of the New Year day, according to their date systems, engrossed in special Sadhanas to generate divine powers and concentrate them. These powers then they used throughout the year to accomplish other Sadhanas with zeal and enthusiasm. The time when the first rays of the sun appear on the horizon is said to be the best for this Sadhana.


It’s better to perform this Sadhana with the whole family for the good of all the members in the year ahead. Get up before the sun rise and take a bath. Wear fresh yellow clothes. The following articles should be kept ready beforehand – A copper tumbler filled with water, unbroken rice grains, vermillion, coconut, incense, a lamp, ghee, fruit, flowers, sweet and itra (natural perfume.)

Be seated with a peaceful mind on a worship-mat and before yourself place the picture of the Guru and a Treilokya Varsheshwar Yantra. Light incense sticks and the lamp filled with pure ghee. Put a mark of vermilion on both and offer flower, fruit and sweets. Place the coconut on a tumbler filled with water. Meditate upon the form of the Guru and then chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra with a Rock Crystal rosary (Sfatik).


After the completion of the chanting offer the Yantra and rosary in the feet of some God in a temple or disperse them in a river.

Through this Sadhana the whole year shall be spent filled with joy and success. You shall acquire all attainments of a happy life like good health, wealth, prosperity and good fortune.

May this year prove to be a turning phase of your life and achieve joy, good luck and constant progress। Once again wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Mantra-Tantra-Yantra Vigyan, December 2008