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Vishuddh Chakra

Spiritual Success is not possible till the Sadhak is not free of ego. And freedom from ego is attained only after activation of Vishuddh Chakra.

The ancient texts state that on activation of this centre of the Kundalini the Goddess of wisdom and learning Sarswati blesses the vocal chords and thus one gains the knowledge of all Vedas and shastras.

Present inside the human body are subtle energy centres that hide amazing powers and capabilities through the activation of which a person can even realize the supreme. But as these centres are unactivated their potential is seldom realised. These centres are known as Chakras of the Kundalini and by activating them life can be taken to the highest pinnacle of success and achievement. But for that one has to try really hard, one has carry out sadhar as only then can one get the pearl of success. As Kabir as said -

Jin Khojaa Tin Paayiyaan, Gahare Paani Peeitth,
Mein Bouri Khojan Gayi, Rahi Kinaare Beitth.

One has to dive deep into the ocean of Sadhanas and lose oneself in meditation in order to activate these centers.

The first few Chakras a Sadhak can activate through his own attempts but in order to activate the further Chakras one needs the grace of the guru and his guidance as well. One needs Shaktipaat or transfer of divine energy from the guru in order to activate the later Chakras. This transfer of energy can be through Sadhana. Diksha or suddenly without any apparent reason. There are no fixed rules for this.

Knowledge of all Vedas
As soon as the Vishuddh Chakra present in the throat region is activated the Goddess of learning and wisdom, Saraswati, blesses the Sadhak and he gains knowledge of all Vedas and ancient texts automatically. Verses start to pour out of his lips on their own even though he might never in his life have studied ancient texts. In fact then he need not study any text like Upanishads comes to him own its own. What more the individuals starts to have to realization of the supreme.

Activation of the Astral body
As soon as the Vishuddh Chakra is activated the astral starts to move about freely according to the Sadhak’s will. The Sadhak can then even alter the size of his physical body – make it small as a mouse or large as a mountain. Also through the astral he can travel to any part of the universe. Sitting in a room he can astrally be anywhere in a moment and return in a trice. Lord Krishna is said to have manifested many physical forms. This can become possible only on activation of the Vishuddh.

This is why activation of the Vishuddh Chakra is said to be a great achievement of one’s life. And this activation is possible only through Shaktipaat. Shaktipaat does not mean one has to be in the presence of Guru rather this subtle transfer of energy can also be possible though Mantra Sadhana . But if one finds Sadhana difficult the Guru can directly transfer energy into the Sadhak. But even after Shaktipaat one has to do Mantra Sadhana so as to harmonise oneself fully with the divine.

Realisation of the Self
All great soul have started their spiritual quests with questions like Who am I, All these question are evidence that a human is eager to realise the self .When he is unable it use his energy for this realisation he starts to utilize it running after dreams like becoming the richest man on earth, becoming the owner of property and vehicles, becoming powerful or handsome. He wants to succeed in some way or the other and make the world realise that he is something. Everyone wants to be a doctor, engineer or a powerful person and thus earn respect and fame in the society. Or if a person’s children become famous he starts to feel proud about their success. All his life he endeavours to rise high in life trying all the time to know his true identity .But in fact he is never able to realise his true self and keeps wandering aimlessly.

Realisation of the self is possible for a person only after the activation of the Vishuddh Chakra. Once this activation takes place one realises who one was he did .When he is linked to the soul all confusion in his mind disappears. Also there remains no difference for him between a male and a female. Linking with the soul means viewing everyone, whether a man or a women with the same feelings.

All doubts vanish
On activation of the Vishuddh a person realisation his soul and then doubts about himself and about life disappear. Problems still come in his life, sorrows and joys still manifest but he remains blissfully unaffected by all such influences. Before activation of Vishuddh a person does feel sorrows and joys but after one has linked oneself to the soul one loses oneself in divine joy and then no outer influences can have any effect.

Just another milestone
After having been through the crests and troughs of joys and sorrows all his life when the Sadhak has the first taste of divine joy he feels like ever remaining lost in it day and night. He does not feel like emerging out of it. But one has to remember that activation of the Vishuddh Chakra is just another milestone and not the final destination. And because one seems reluctant to forgo this joy, progress becomes difficult after this stage unless one is fully conscious. Sometime it happens that a person might get stuck at the Vishuddh Chakra for years at a stretch. The reason for this is that one has tasted divine joy that comes by activation of the Vishuddh does not wish to forsake it. Due to this further progress is stalled and he makes no attempts to make Kundalini rise further.

Right from the time one becomes an adult a person had to face sorrows, pain, problems and worries. So when he reaches a source of true joy for the first time in his life naturally he would be most unwilling to leave it and move on. It is like tasting elixir and he does not feel like giving it up. Progressing ahead sure means that this joy will be lost. So a person feels contented remaining at the Vishuddh and he sort of becomes addicted to this joy. But determined Sadhak use their strong will power to emerge from this divine state and start to move forwards the next Chakra. Or if the Sadhak is not so determined he keeps enjoying this state and after sometime having had his fill of this state he decides to progress further.

Freedom of ego
Realization of the soul means freedom from false ego. Ego means being overly conscious of the self. This ends activation of the Vishuddh but still remains a bit of ego. In other words at Vishuddh a Sadhak realizes that he is not the physical body but a soul. But even at this stage he feels he is different from other souls and this gives rise to subtle egoism.

Losing oneself completely is true joy
One who thinks that he is different meets his end one day, but one who is ready to lose his identity becomes immortal. But very few people are ready to lose their identities. That is why very few are able to realize the Truth. Most people feel happy in limiting their personalities, they lead lives like small ponds and are not ready to merge into the ocean. By doing so they wish to prove that they are different.

But this is just false egoism, for in the ponds too it is the same water that is in the ocean. So the attempt to have separate identity is futile. A pond fears that it might lose its identity if it merges into the ocean and so it never flows and stagnates. But when it realizes that the water present in it is same as the water contained in the ocean it stops worrying about losing its identity.

Similarly when a Sadhak starts to lose himself he does not worry about his identity. Then fear of death does not worry him and then he becomes egoless and fearless.

But the mind of a person deludes him. It wishes to have a separate identity. It says what shall be the use of searching for the Truth. But the moment one has such thoughts one loses a lot. One loses a precious life in which one could have realised the Supreme Truth. By listening to his mind a person might well gain wealth, property, wife, children and material comforts but he loses chance to know about the real purpose of life. And the last moments of his life he realises that he has gained nothing and all that he had gained is useless.

But if a person activates the Vishuddh Chakra and loses his false identity then in the last moment his life he does not have to worry that he wasted his life. Then even when he dies he does so cosciously. Then death too is but a part of existence for him - merely a chance to change the old body and gain a new one. Losing the false ego is known as activation of Vishuddh.

Form of the Chakra
On activation of the Anahat Chakra the soul of a person starts to get linked to the universe outside but this link becomes total when Vishuddh is activated. Present in the throat region this Chakra has the shape of a yellow lotus with sixteen petals. The element of this Chakra is Ether. Sadhak who have freed themselves of base instincts through Yoga or Sadhanas are able to hear the chanting of the sixteen Beej Mantras of this Chakra. In the centre of the lotus is a white region in which is present a white elephant inscribed on which the Beej Mantra (ham) of the Chakra. On the Beej Mantra are seated Ardhanarishwar i.e Lord Shiva has three eyes, five heads and ten hands. He wears a garland of snakes around his neck.

- Revered Sadgurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali


  1. Dhanyawad Srimaan iss jankari ke liye

  2. Hello ... i want to attain activate my Vishuddh Chakra .... in order to take initial steps towards realization of eternal truth

    But i feel that aggression in me is making me loose everything, right from friend to honour. In my consciousness i nvr allow injustice and always try to do justice to all ...but people still misunderstand me ... may be cz of my aggression ... can u please help me what should i do next ? ... and also if i can find the answer by knowing my previous life ...if yes then how do i connect my present life to past life ?