Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bhaagyoday Yantra

Through his own efforts a person cannot change his luck for the better. Along with perseverance and the right chance one also needs the element of luck to make big in life. Through hard work a person is able to get good chances in life but due to bad luck he has to face failure again and again. But through divine help a person can change his luck. The above mentioned Bhagyoday Yantra is Mantra energized with very powerful incantations through which you can give desired direction to your life. Place it in your worship place and daily offer incense, ghee lamp before it and speak out your wish if you have any. Do this regularly for 45 days and then drop it in a river or pond.

To get this yantra is free when you subscribe for monthly Mantra-Tantra-Yantra Vigyan magazine, HINDI edition (there are also 2 articles published in magazine), please send your Indian postal address to my mail id

I will just put request to Gurudham Jodhpur on behalf of you with your choice of yantra by filling one particular card.

Then you will receive Yantra by VPP post, you pay amount 319/- to postman and get yantra instantly. This same amount will go for your annual subscription.

Other than Bhgyoday yantra you can also opt many other yantra's described in the following link.


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  1. hello...
    What is a mantra energised yantra??
    What if I want to do some of the sadhanas mentioned, where can I get the necessary items required for doing the sadhana.
    Please oblige by replying.