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Palmistry - Read your future - I

  •  - IIslands
This sign can be found in any part of the palm. It tends to weaken the effect of the place or mount it appears.

1. If present on the mount of Jupiter it reduces one's self confidence and the person loses faith in himself.
2. An island on the mount of Saturn makes one face problems in each step of life.
3. Island on the mount of sun makes a person frustrated in life and makes him easily irritated.
4. If found on the mount of Mercury the person has to face losses in business or failure in scientific ventures. Such a person is much criticised in the society.
5. If an island is there on the mount of Moon one is cruel by nature.
6. An island on the mount of Venus is considered unfavourable for family life. One has to face frustration in life from all sides.
7. An island on the life line makes one sexually weak.
8. On the line of head it indicates mental illness.
9. On the line of heart it signifies heart problems throughout life.
10. An island on the line of Sun makes one infamous.
11. The same on the line of fortune or fate makes on luckless. One has to face problems throughout life.
12. If there is an island on the lines of travel then one dies while travelling.
13. On the mount of Moon an island indicates slow mind.
14. On the line of marriage an island signifies untimely death of one's beloved or lover.
15. On the line of health it indicates ailments and diseases throughout life.
  • Square
A quadrilateral with equal sides is called a square. A rectangle too has the same effect.

1. If a square is there on the mount of Jupiter then the person is an able administrator. He gains respect and fame throughout the world. He might be born in an ordinary family but he rises very high in life.
2. On the mount of Saturn it indicates mortal dangers in life from which one escapes miraculously every time.
3. On the mount of Sun it indicates wealth, fame, position, respect and a very successful life. One becomes famous far and wide in life.
4. On the mount of Mercury it prevents one from being imprisoned.
5. On the mount of Moon it increases one's imaginative powers. Such a person is kind, patient and very wise.
6. On the mount of Ketu the square indicates quick and early rise of fate. One spends a happy youth.
7. On the mount of Venus a square indicates need for care in love affair otherwise there might be loss of face.
8. On the mount of Mars the square indicates that the person has perfect control over his anger and he seldom loses his temper.
9. On the lines of travel it indicates travels throughout life and financial gains from the same.
10. On the line of Moon the square helps the person in all round progress in life.
11. A square on the line of marriage signifies that one's spouse shall be well read, beautiful and virtuous. The person shall get wealth from in-laws.
12. On the line of health a square indicates an attractive personality and a very good health throughout life.
13. On the line of fate it makes the person attain to success in life at a very early stage.
14. On the mount of Sun or the line of Sun it signifies fame, respect, high position and prosperity in life.
15. A square on the line of heart promises a happy family life and makes the person kind and helpful.
16. One the line of head a square indicates that a person has a balanced state of mind and he remains always active.
17. On the life line a square indicates longevity.
18. On the mount of Rahu a square indicates an ascetic life led in a jungle.

-April 2004, Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan

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