Sunday, January 09, 2011

Body & Soul - I

Asit Giri Sam Syaat Kajjalam Sindhu Paatre, Surtaruvar Shaakaa Lekhini Putramoorvi.
Likhati Yadi Griheetvaa Shaardaa Sarvakaalam, Tadapi Tav Gunnaanaameesh Paara Na Yaati

Where the divine name of Lord Shiva is chanted there is laughter, joy, exuberance, totality vibrating in the air. And one who keeps laughing and smiling cannot die, for when one laughs the life energy becomes all the more vibrant, the blood gushes with a new vigour and the body trembles with joy.

If there is a living Sadguru there are bound to be real, inquisitive disciples. We are not sitting in a funeral ground. We are here to enjoy life. And it can be enjoyed through dance and music, laughter and smiles, devotion and dedication. These are the means to totality in life. One need not turn beads to attain totality in life.

The outer physical form is not your Sharir or your real body, for the Shatras have called it Deh or the physical shell. There is a difference between Deh and Sharir. Deh means that which shall die one day, that shall be destroyed. One who identifies only with the outer for has to end up in body is immortal. Sharir means an inner energy, a vibrance. Inside the outer form is another body and it is this body that brings joy, laughter and all good feelings in life. The outer body cannot generate such tender feelings. The physical body can only procreate, it can only create another Deh in the form of a child. This is the only use of the Deh(Body). Other  than this it has no creative purpose. It cannot produce laughter or a smile. The physical body ever keeps moving on the path that leads to death. But we have not taken birth to end up thus.

If you think that life ends when the body is burnt or when it dies, then know it that this not the end. Ram has not died, he lives on. And so do Krishna, Buddha, Shankaracharya and Lord Shiva. We know all about them and they live on in our hearts and even the future generations shall remember them.

We should do something so that the future generations might realise that we did something great, that we achieved something, that we were disciples of some great Guru. And all such achievements are had through the medium of a Sharir, not the Deh.

But to link with the Sahrir one must be vibrant. This is why I try to make you dance. I wish to put an end to the stagnancy in your lives. I wish to make you realise that the Deh is not everything. When you realise this my voice shall reach your conscience. Till y voice does not reach your soul, all my efforts shall go waste no matter how many times I perform Shaktipaat on you. I will give you a force and it shall just bounce back from your physical form without having any effect and thus energy transferred shall go waste. This energy is not ordinary. It is part of divine the divine, it is the force of years of Sadhana. It is a tremendous power which can make your lives vibrant. I want this energy to enter into the inner body. And inside there are other planes, other bodies, - Bhu, Bhuvah, Swah, Mahaah. But one needs great to contact them.

Today man is the most poor creature spirituality. And this is because whenever you meet a Guru your demands are frivolous. You do nothing but harass the Guru. You know only outer physique and hence your prayers are limited to - Guruji, my wife is ill or I want to promotion or I want this thing or that thing. These are demands of the outer form. And till we continue to identify with outer form problems of life shall continue to be.

But once you stop identifying with the outer form and link yourself to the inner body the problems shall fail to trouble you. There sure shall be tensions and problems but they shall no perturb you. They shall continue their onslaught no matter what you do. You may pray, you may weep, you may face them with a challenge, they shall always be there. So there is no point in worrying about them.

In the text Mahima Stotra Pushpadant say to Lord Shiva - "I feel very surprised, O Lord. You live in a funeral ground, all you posses is an empty bowl. In one hand you have trident and all you wear on your body is ash. what more a snake coils around your neck and yet you look so happy, so contented. Even we are not so happy. We too want to be happy like you."

Problems in life are never going to end, but when you become oblivious of the outer physique and start to identify with the inner body you shall ever remain immersed in joy. I am not saying that you shall stop having problems in your life. They shall surely be there but they shall not worry you. In fact man very easily becomes involved in his problems and when this happens he loses contact with the inner body and consequently with spirituality. Sadhanas or spiritual progress is not possible through the physical body. For this one needs to awaken the soul.

Lord Shiva's disciple Pushpdant wrote two texts one of which is Mahimna Stotra. If you read it you shall find that it is a unique text in which there are 40 verses. One of these is Asit Giri Sam Syaat...

It means that even if the whole earth is used instead of paper, the oceans as ink, the wood from all jungles as pens and even if the Almighty takes upon himself the task of writing, even then all the virtues of Lord Shiva cannot be listed.

And Shiva too has a family, yet he is so happy and overflowing with joy. There is no difference between Lord Shiva and you. You think there is a difference but not your soul. Shankaracharya never thought there was any difference and hence he could say -Shivoham (I am Shiva). He was not lying, for he was speaking from the depths of the soul.

If you speak from your physical form, you shall only discriminate. You shall think that you are different from the Lord who sits in the temple. And even in the temple there is a priest standing between you and the Lord. How shall you feel close to Him? Its only when you lose yourself in the form of the Lord that He shall appear before you in his real divine form.

Then you shall feel like crying - Shivoham Shankaroham. I am shiva, I am Shankar. Then if you meditate deeply the Lord shall have to come. Then you need not even go to a temple. But in order to reach this high spiritual stage one has to first learn how to enter into the inner body.

If you read this article and forget it the next day it shall of no use. If I explain to you some Sadhana and you fail to use then my effort shall go waste. Till you don't understand what I am trying to say, all this shall be of no use.

I write something and you read it without understanding then there won't be any result. Each of my words has a hidden meaning and that has to be imbibed. If I say that Lord Shiva is withing the He sure is. He is not there in some stone idol. Those who have not stopped identifying with the outer body shall never go to a temple. But you shall go there, offer water on the Lord, offer milk and flowers. You need these rituals because you are still identifying with the outer form. But the moment the link with the inner is established the outer rituals shall all become useless.

- Revered Sadgurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali


  1. I am very happy to find this blog of Sadd Gurudev and I would pass this on to my many other friends who find online reading much more convenient. I have read this in Hindi and must add it is very well translated. Who is doing this translation ? You are doing a great service to Gurudev. Jai Ho !

  2. I re-read it again today and this is the summary of part 1 of Body & Soul I have made for the benefit of other readers:
    Recognize the difference between Deh and Shareer.Deh is an outer shell that will die one day. But Shareer is something different , it is an inner being that means an energy , a vibrance that brings joy , laughter ,and all good feelings in life. Sadgurujee by Shaktipath, which is a tremendous divine power as a results of years of his Sadhana , pass on part of it to disciple.If disciple identify only with his Deh,which is an outer shell ,this power will bounce back. To get the benefit of Shaktipath, it is important for a disciple to develop Shareer identification.Then by Shaktipath,energy of Sadgurujee will reach inner body(Shareer) that will help disciple start living vibrant life. Inside the Shareer, there are still other planes -Bhu,Bhuvaha, Swah, Mahaah. But to reach to them ,great efforts on part of disciple are needed. The first thing is most important and that is to identify with your Shareer (inner being) and delink with your Deh, the disciple's outer shell that is destined to die. Shaktipath is your first blessings to get part of energy of Sadguru's years of Sadhana, to start living a life of joy and vibrancy.