Sunday, February 13, 2011

Body & Soul - IV

Your physical body is nothing but a mass of flesh, blood, bones. There is nothing great in it. And if you don't believe me then try an experiment. Just don't have bath for five days. You shall find unbearable stench has started to emanate from your body. The skin of a cow can lie for days and it shall not smell bad. But within hours of death your body shall start to rot and the neighbors shall say - Take him away and cremate his body or soon the stench shall become intolerable.

And you feel so proud of your body. You wash it with scented soaps, smear it with creams and lotions and use perfumes on it. What shall you gain from all this ?

Caring for the physical body won't get you anywhere. One needs to enter inner body.

It is not easy to enter the inner bodies. Not everyone can do it. when you don't know about it how shall you do it? It is in fact a process of transformation and when it occurs Lord Shiva shall appear, without doubt he shall. You shall then be able to see his divine form, his face, his features and all his forms. Then you shall realise how divine He is, how unique He is among all deities and why He is called not Dev but Mahadev, the Lord of all deities.

This is a process of clearing one stage of life and entering one stage of life and entering into another and there are seven such stages, for there are seven bodies. First is Deh, then Praann, then Aatma, and like this there are seven bodies and these seven bodies and these seven bodies are the seven Chakras of the Kundalini.

Pushpadant did not have this knowledge and hence it took him seventy five years to realise through his Sadhanas that the real aim of life is to enter the inner body.

And when one does so the divine unfolds before one's inner vision. And then one too, like Shankaracharya, is able to cry out in ecstasy Shivoham Shankaroham!

It would be great achievement if I could transform you from ordinary human into a superhuman and take you you to the stage of Shivoham. This is my duty and I shall surely fulfil it.

But if you do not come close to me, if you keep away from me you shall not be able to enter your inner bodies. This change is possible only through the help of two keys given to Pushpadant by Lord Shiva - devotion and service. So don't become stagnant like a pond, be like a fast moving river. Even if there are obstacles in your path don't worry about them.. Just keep flowing on.

If you think before you devote yourself it won't be true devotion. You have to lose yourself and forget about everything else.

The emperor Akbar use to sit for Namaz five times daily. Once when he was travelling it was tie for his prayers and spread a sheet by the wayside and sat down to pray. A young girl had promised her lover that she would come to meet him. And the lover had said that if she did not come by a particular hour he would leave. She was late and she ran to the rendezvous point stepping on the sheet on which Akbat sat in meditation. Akbar was infurated and when she returned a few minutes later hs accosted her and said in an angry voice - Can't you see? How dare you step on this sheet?

The girl said - I was in hurry. I had to meet someone and I did not notice the sheet..but what were you doing?
I was praying - said Akbar.
Then how did you know that I had stepped on the sheet. It means you were not meditating. Were you with God or were you looking at me ?

Devotion means forgetting about everything else. Becoming completely lost is true devotion.

There is a large crowd waiting to meet me and you say to yourself - Not today, I shall meet Gurudev tomorrow.

You cannot reach me like this. There has to be determination. Just catching hold of my feet won't get you anywhere. I am teaching you the process of losing yourself in my form. No one teaches a river how to merge into the ocean. It just rushes and loses itself in the latter's vastness. This too is an important achievement of life. Just a laughing and crying are inseparable parts of life similarly life is incomplete without this fusion. You have to lose yourself completely, only then shall you gain something worthwhile.

It is when a seed loses itself in the soil that it germinates and grows into a plant and then a tall tree. The seed is so small and it has the courage to loose itself in the soil and hence it rises up to become a huge tree in some years.

I too was a mere seed but I allowed myself to be buried in the earth. I did not worry about my parents, or wife or relatives. With determination I left everything to the Guru and decided that either I shall become a huge shady tree or I shall be lost forever, but I won't remain a mere seed. And it is the result of that determination and devotion that I am before you giving solace and peace to thousands of troubled souls.

You too can become a shady tree if you have devotion, faith and the courage to lose yourself. If you are afraid to lose your identity then you shall ever be a seed and never grow into a tree. And ultimately the seed too shall rot die without achieved anything.

The keys to this achievement are Sevatam, Samarpatvam, Sadhakatvam and Shishyatvam. that I can take you there.. I do not hesitate in declaring, for one who is total fears nothing. And I say in clear limited words, I don't need long discourses to convince you. Only empty vessels make noise and keep harping on their supposed achievements.

Sampoornnam Kumbho Na Karoti Shabdam

A full vessel shall not make a noise. It shall give you a hint and then it shall be upto you to take out the water of true knowledge from it. I have the capability to link you to the inner bodies. And the moment you are there you shall see divine light.

Lord Krishna said to Arju - Look, the entire universe is in my form. Don't look at your relatives, look at my divine form and you shall have seen everything.

This is what I am telling you that the entire universe is there inside your physical body. All places of pilgrimage, all deities are within. If you look inside you shall have the vision of Shiva. But if you look outside you shall see nothing but stone idols. And this shall happen only when you enter the inner bodies.

I wish you to go through this experience that the Guru gave to Pushpadant. The Guru had told Pushpadant that the only way to fuse into the divine is by entering the soul. And five thousands years later here is another Guru telling his disciples that he can take you on this inner journey. Only when you undertake this inner trip shall you be able to see Lord Shiva, only then shall your sixth sense be awakened and only then shall you make true spiritual progress.

And it shall also be a great moment of joy for me when you are able to have this experience. May you soon succeed in this. I bless you from the core of my heart !

-Revered Sadgurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali


  1. very true he is realy a true guru who guide us always

  2. Dear Revered Satguru:
    I am approaching you to ask for your guidance in The Inner Trip to find The Truth.
    Please contact me and let me know what I must do to receive your Diksha.
    Daniel Ross
    PS: I reside in Northern California at this time.

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