Friday, May 02, 2008


Excerpts from the MTYV, June 2000 issue
I am 35 years old and I spent lots of money so that we could have a child. Doctors said there was no chance at all. At last we contacted Sadgurudev and in September 1998 obtained Putra Praapti Diksha from Him through photograph. Then in February 1999 we got Poorvakrit Dosh Nivaarann Diksha (for riddance from effects of past Karmas) at the Bilaspur Sadhana camp. Later in the Raipur Sadhana camp I obtained Garbhasth Shishu Chetana Diksha (for spiritual enlivenment of a foetus). As a result I gave birth to a son who is healthy and handsome.

After Putra Praapti Diksha I performed a Sadhana and on the third day of Sadhana Sadgurudev Swami Nikhileshwaranand appeared in a dream. He gave us some water to drink from the tumbler that he carried. He also blessed me and then disappeared. 21 days later I gave birth to the child and surprisingly he looked very much like the child which Sadgurudev had shown to us in the dream. Thus Revered Sadgurudev gifted a child to us and proved the doctors wrong.

-Kusum Batra Pradhan, Ankori, Basanaa, Mahasamudra, Madhya Pradesh

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