Sunday, May 18, 2008

STORY - Fisherman and Cobra

There was once a disciple who claimed his Guru never taught him anything. Disciples are always like that, it is part of God's lila, His Cosmic Play. We humans perform krida, which is unconscious play, play which we do not know how to control. Only the play of gods, and of our ancient Rishis (Seers), is a lila, cosmic pastimes which are always under their control.

This disciple pestered his Guru for knowledge for so long that Guru finally decided to force the boy to learn something.

The next day when they were out walking together they saw a cobra being gobbled up by thousands of ants. No matter how the cobra twisted and turned he couldn't escape a horrible death.

The disciple asked, 'Guruji, what has the cobra done to suffer like this?' The Guru replied, 'keep quite! Come on!'

Further along the road they came to a fishing village. One fisherman had just returned to shore after hauling in a big catch. He was resting, obviously enjoying himself, smoking a good pipe.

"Do you understand?" asked the Guru.

'No', replied the boy.

Guru Said, "My son, that cobra we saw will become a fisherman, and those ants will become fish. This man was once a cobra in previous birth who was eaten by ants, and that is why he has a right to torture and destroy these fish who were once ants".


  1. I read this article.It was good.But I want to know that may be one can think the cobra which was being eaten by ants, was previously did something to ants.Thats why Ants are eating it.Exactly the same as the fisherman caught the fishes in his net.

    At last, Why this thing happens?
    It means what is going wrong with any person in this world was previously went wrong with the respective person/s or anything.
    Then why this wrong thing happened with the first person? who is the creator of problems?
    I want to know about this.

  2. as god has given free will to us that is why one's do as like..but one is bound to bear the fruit good or bad.