Sunday, February 22, 2009


Feel perfectly thus

Diseases and ailments have afflicted everyone today and there is no one who has no physical complaint. Every person, child, old man, woman and youth is afflicted by some problem or the other.

To get rid of the problems they pop in several capsules and tablets daily or drink strange potions. Just think when the youth today are so weak what shall become of the future generations? They shall never be free of ailments.

There must be some way out of this situation. And this way is spiritual - based on Mantras. In the past Havans or Yagnas were a common feature in all homes ad due to the oblations made in the holy fire the atmosphere of the house used to remain pure and sacred.

That is why people used to live longer and healthier. But as man became more materialistic and lured by comforts he became easy prey to diseases. today finding a perfectly healthy human being is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Would you not like to be perfectly healthy? If you wish to, then this is the Sadhana for you.

In a plate place a Nagarjun and worship it by offering flowers and rice grains. then keeping your gaze fixed on it chant the following mantra 31 times.

Om Namo Bhagwate Aarogyam Dehi Om Namah

Do this regularly for seven days. After seven days drop the Nagarjun in a river or pond.

Pain in the feet

As one ages the legs become weak, the bones become hard and the muscles get atrophied due to which a person finds it difficult to even walk about. If you suffer from some such problem then this is wonderful ritual to remedy it.

On any Wednesday cover a wooden seat with red cloth. With Masoor Dal (lentils) draw eight squares. In the centre of each square plate a betel nut. Before the squares place a Kritvaa Gutika.

Offer vermilion, flowers and rice grains. Light incense and the seated in a comfortable posture chant the following Mantra 21 times.
Om Hreem Om

Do this regularly for nine days. After that drop the Kritva Gutika in a river or pond.

'April' 2001 Mantra-Tantra-Yantra Vigyan Magazine

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