Sunday, March 08, 2009

I leave wonderful dreams for you!

I have sown seeds of joy!
I leave wonderful dreams for you!
For you are fragrant flowers and spring!

To sow the seed of joy!

My whole life i have kept sowing seeds of true joy in the hearts of my disciples. Many tried to asses the worth of these seeds. Some thought that through these seeds they would be able to fulfil all their wishes and in this hope they kept raising their hopes sky high, they went on wishing for more and more. Very few realised that the seeds that Gurudev has given us are meant to be sown in the heart. They realised that the divine expeinces which they have had through the Guru are to be treasured and enjoyed.

They realised that real aim of life is not to wonder about meaninglessly. They realised th true joy is in the words of Gurudev and in his thoughts. These disciples have assumed big duties in life and ever remain immersed in an ocean of joy. They work selflessly. They are fully devoted and they never think they are giving or taking anything.

It is still not too late. A feeling of purity and sacredness has started to emerge from within. The society had filled you with the garbage of useless wishes, hopes, thoughts and feeling. In such a corrupted medium the seeds of love cannot germinate.

First you shall have to get rid of all garbage. You shall have to create a state of pure thoughtless mind. When this happens all paths to the highest state shall by themselves open up before you.

I gift you dreams!

Dear disciples! I won't burden you with my experiences in this world. I do not want you to experience the pain that I have. I wish to give you joy that you can experience. I wish you to have spiritual experices that I have had. I wish these experinces to be permanently etched in your heart. I wish that you could gift these experiences to others. I am not asking you to leave your family life.

I wish to change your outlook of life so that your thoughts could be concentrated on the goal of attaining to true joy in life. I wish you to feel free and laugh heartily. I wish a joyous smile could play on your lips. I wish you could enjoy each moment in life.

I wish you could know what is the essence of life. I wish you could lead life according to your own wishes. Only then shall my efforts bear fruit. I am not asking you to break the rules of society or become completely overwhelmed by them. All I wish is that you should make each moment of this life, gifted by the Lord, worthwhile. I wish that you should not spend your life only in tasks which might well bring material comforts but no joy.

People shall try to hurt you. But do not get perturbed. When you have decided at heart and not with your mind then just go on travelling on this path singing, laughing, smiling, dancing like Meera.

Lots to do still!

The work that we have started has yet to expand a lot. Many people shall come and join this movement. Millions shall stop wandering and find the right path. Meditation and Yoga centers shall be set up. People shall sit together and have divine experiences.

This process has already begun. All are devoted to this task. Everyone understands his duty well. But there sure are very few disciples who are fully devoted and who understand their responsibilities.

I am asking you to look within and try to analyse your thoughts. Look into your heart and soul and not in your mind and then you shall see that I eagerly wait to take you in my arms.

- Yours, Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali

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  1. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.