Sunday, July 18, 2010

Guiding Torch for Disciples

For the Sadguru there is nothing like good or bad. For him the most important thing is the disciple and one who becomes a disciple can never remain away from Guru. Can a shadow ever separate from the body? A true disciple is like a shadow of the Guru.

There is nothing great in sacrificing oneself. Greatness lies in facing the world and a true disciple stands up against the whole social structure, if need be, to propagate the knowledge of his Guru.

After reaching the Guru the only duty of disciples is to follow the path shown by the Guru with full faith and devotion. He should follow the directions given by the Guru in his daily life.

Whenever he gets the time a disciple should go the Guru and seek his guidance. Just a glimpse of the master can change the fortune of the disciple. Hence a disciple should be in constant touch with the Guru.

If one wants to do Sadhana one should take the Mantra from the Guru only. One should not divide one's devotion with the Guru. There can be only one Guru in one's life.

One should avoid gossiping and concentrate one's thoughts on the Guru when one is free. It is a waste of time to criticise others and such activities only tend to destroy the good effect of one's Sadhanas.

Depending on the type of task sometimes a Guru assigns a particular work to particular disciples. Other disciples should not feel that they are being ignored. For a Guru all disciples are equal. Can a mother love one son more than the other? In fact a mother has to take extra care of her weaker and naughtier children for they need more guidance. A Guru too loves all disciples equally.

A disciple may have been with the Guru for twenty years or merely twenty days, but for the Guru everyone is equal. A new disciple should surely give respect and regard to older disciples but he should devote himself only in the feet of the Guru.

For a true disciple the Guru is his world. If a person befriends a king then why should he care for the good will of lower officials? Hence a true disciple devotes himself only to the Guru.

If a disciple calls out with devotion his voice surely reaches the Guru no matter where he is. there can be no doubt about this for a disciple is linked to the soul of the Guru.


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