Saturday, July 03, 2010

Magnetic Persona

Personality is a strange word. None would debate the point that it is a strong personality that can take one to the highest echelon of success. But what does one mean by a strong personality?

Does it mean being six foot tall? Does it mean being handsome and physically attractive? Or does it mean being rich and affluent? Without doubt beauty, looks and wealth are forces to reckon with but it is also a fact that personality is something more than all these. Mahatma Gandhi was hardly five foot five inches tall and weighed not ore than forty five kgs and yet he had the entire British regime in India on its toes. Napoleon was a pygmy when compared with his generals and yet the authority the he commanded sent shivers through the worst brave man.

So it is not necessary to be physically beautiful to posses a strong persona. Lord Krishna was said to be dark complexioned and yet the magnetic attraction that one felt in his presence was something beyond this world.

To succeed in this word it is necessary to posses a magnetic and attractive persona. you might not be born with this virtue but through the power of Mantras you could instill a divinity in yourself that could make others feel overawed in your presence. The divine energy in Mantra could instil a unique confidence and raidance in you making you star of every gathering and the center of attraction everywhere.

Presented here is a Sadhana based on a very such Mantra that is powerful and unfailing. In fact this Sadhana was devised by Guru Sandeepan and given to Lord Krishna. It was by virtue of this Mantra that Lord Krishna was able to virtually hypnotise and influence everyone who came into his contact. Whatever field you are in, this Sadhana could come in handy for it could fill you with charm and magnetism and endow you with a divine persona that could not just steal young hearts but also overawe all and sundry.

In the night of a Friday after 10PM, have a bath and wear fresh yellow clothes. Sit facing North on a yellow worship mat. Cover a wooden seat with yellow cloth and on it in a Copper plate place a Sammohan Vashikaran Yantra. then worship the Yantra with vermilion, rose petals and rice grains. Light ghee lamp. There after chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra with Sammohan Rosary.

Om Sudarshanaay Vidmahe Mahaajwaalaay Dheemahi Tannashchakrah Prachodayaat.

This a very powerfull Sadhana and withing three four days its effect would manifest and from the changing attitude of people around, you could know that the Mantra is working its charm. Repeat this Sadhana for six consecutive Fridays for best results.

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  1. thanks for the mantra. Can this be recited any time/place of the day?